Make Page for Payoneer

My Name is: Wynand Wessels

The company name is Top-marketing

My email address is

My Telephone Number: +27813701698

This is a page on this website to prove that I am in control of this site 




I also would like to refer to a chat conversation with you:

Chat with Payoneer 9 October 2023:

Please describe your question in detail. This will allow our specialists to provide you with a faster solution.
If you have contacted us about this matter before, please provide the number of the open request.

5:30 PM. 

Hi, I received a request from you to supply details, on my business, and I would love to do so, however, 
I have questions!
1.    I believe that you do not understand my business, but your form to fill in does not allow me to explain that thoroughly
2.   As the business name I use is: Top Marketing ,,,, Web Address is

Hello and welcome to Payoneer’s Customer Care live chat service, this is Belen, and I look forward to assisting you today assist you today. 

It's not a website where I sell anything
hallo Belen
are you reading?

the services I provide include developing websites for customers, however, I also purchase websites 
and own the code on the website

Thank you so much for the query, dear Wynad.

once developed I act as administrator on the same website, even though i allow admin privileges to the person running the website ( meaning - getting the customers )
Sites to look at for the same customer Noel Adams -My actual client, and maybe only client,, I do for others as well, but he is using my Payoneer account for payment
there are so many

I am here, reading all the information.

OK, my question is, how do I fill in your form, and explain all this

in many cases, one would require the Client to install dedicated servers

now in most cases, if not 100% .. Noel Adams, has 3 servers

You will see that over the years, I think its 3 years now if not more, I can go and check, 

he pays the 3 servers every month when I send a request

I separated the payments and sent 3 requests

it's been a monthly thing for years

I comprehend the details of your business. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to supply the most pertinent characteristics, or the ones that can be accentuated, as we solicit information on a regular basis, our department will be increasingly aware of what you do.

to show that I am in control of those sites, I can create a page or pages ,,, to show I can insert my name and telephone number and whatever info you need ... no problem

I make payment to my developer on changes, he is from Pakistan, and because he also has a Payoneer 

account, it makes my 2 weekly payments to him, easy

You will see I am paying him every second week 1000$

I understand. This is necessary for the review, it is not like you sell this in that via, this is to know how you provide and promote your services.

but I do that as I say via WHATSAPP... will it be OK, if I take pictures of WhatsApp messages from the last 3 weeks

I understand! Our department will be more than happy to know more about your business.

and he developed the, also

the reason why I was late with my payment a week ago, is because I was in hospital

ok, so in summary,, top-marketing can be seen as an agency ,,, selling its services to clients,, I do not even think the top-marketing website has anything on it ... ill check,, to be real, I deal with more than 60 websites ... so top-marketing, is me a salesperson selling ideas, marketing implementations, to make his ideas better, then develop that, on a website I buy, and control, with code and, and ... he pays me (he = the client ) on Payoneer in most cases its Noel Adams

then I request payment ,,, so once in a while I will have a charge of let's say 9k or more, but that only happened I think 2 times this year

now ... because I stay in South Africa ,,, and I am selling to clients here as well, I have the cash to make payments to the server room, for servers, and will then NOT DRAW from my Payoneer account

so I leave the dollars there

I use it to pay the Pakistani

and maybe if I want to buy something in dollars

but I do not make payments as such from Payoneer

Does this make sense?


Do I understand correctly that you wish to utilize the dollar card with the available funds you possess?

I'm not sure I understand what you say here

This is how I will understand if you say "Do I understand correctly that you wish to utilize the dollar card with the available funds when you desire? The answer is yes

I understand that you want to use the card with your funds, however, you want to know if the information about your business will be reviewed, correct?


Sure! Thanks for the information.

It is correct that you are able to utilize the funds on your card, and our departments also review all the information associated with your account. Currently, you are able to receive your payments and utilize your account without any issues.


I just want to not delay answering the request

my question to you ... must I still fill in the form .. as I indicated, it is very difficult, as the questions are for a different kind of business

Yes, it is imperative that you supply this information.

OK, how?

this is why I had this chat with you ... the questions are not applicable to my business .. and if I answer,, it might sound totally different from what I do

What transpired here is that you should provide the pertinent information related to your business in the specified form. However, if the department requires additional information, they will inform you accordingly. Nevertheless, the responses need not be exact; we simply need to be apprised of your operations.

Maria, I really hear you, I understand what you say .. but you do not have questions that relate to my business model .. shall we try and answer the form together?

Like the first question: Business website URL... I am not selling anything from a website .. so what address do I provide here

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to these questionnaires on behalf of the customers; however, we are confident that you will provide all the necessary information.

You should provide a web page, like LinkedIn or social media about what you do.

I am not selling via a website or social pages .. I am of the old school .. I deal daily with WhatsApp messages,, as I sent you last time

meaning, I send you lots of pics of WhatsApp between me and Noel Adams

I understand. This is necessary for the review, it is not like you sell this in that via, this is to know how you provide and promote your services.

but I do that as I say via WHATSAPP... will it be OK, if I take pictures of WhatsApp messages from the last 3 weeks

I understand. For the form it necessary a web page. Are you able to create a profile for this review?

hmm meaning?

I am now creating a page on

specially for Payoneer

Rest assured, my dear. I can observe that you have already supplied the form with the necessary information, thus you may utilize the account without any difficulty.

answering the questions

OK, do I get a copy of this chat?

Yes, the instructions for downloading the chat can be found at the end.

OK, thanks for your help I'll try my best, to answer all the questions